The Veative VR solution is designed to work in any kind of network environment, allowing students to access our immersive VR content even in classrooms with no network access at all.  There are some features, however, that do require that the headsets have internet access.

If you or your network administrator have any questions or concerns about the specific access requirements required for the various functions, details can be found below.

General Use and Activation (https) - browser-based access to the Veative Learn platform for Admins, Teachers, and Students (https) - Communication between the headsets and the platform (initial activation, use of My Classes (Online) mode, etc.)

Multicasting and Monitoring - My VR Lab commands (play, pause, stop) - Real-time viewing of the activity in each VR headset during a My VR Lab session

Downloads and Updates (https) - Apps, modules, and language bundles (http) - EduPro OS updates

Cloud Library - 360 Videos

The 360 videos in the Cloud Library are streamed from YouTube.  If the network blocks or limits access to YouTube, it may prevent the videos from loading in the headsets.