There are two ways to log in to the Veative Student VR App, My Classes (Online) and Self-Study (Offline).

Logging in to My Classes mode allows students to view only the content you have assigned to their class through your online Learning Management Platform. An internet connection is required to use My Classes mode, and all assigned content, scores, and other data is synced with the online platform in real time.

To sign in to My Classes mode, click on the Username box and a virtual keyboard will appear. Students should then enter their student user credentials and click Log In.

Once students log in to My Classes mode, they will see all of the classes they are enrolled in. Click on a class to view the content that has been assigned.

All assigned content will be shown by default. You can use the tabs at the top to filter only Veative VR modules or 360 videos.

You will also see all assigned labels to the left. Click on a label to filter the content.

Scroll to see additional content by selecting the right or left arrows at the bottom.

Select a module to view its description, then click the green Open button to launch it.

Students can view their scores by selecting My Results to the right. After selecting My Results, choose a module to see correct and incorrect question attempts. Green boxes show assessment questions answered correctly, while red boxes indicate incorrect answer attempts.

My VR Lab can also be accessed from My Classes mode.