When you first position the EduPro on your face, calibrate the controller by pointing it directly in front of you and long-pressing the Home button. You can feel for the indented Home button with your thumb. Once the calibration circle completes, the controller is calibrated. You will then see a beam with a white dot on the end which moves with your controller. If the image on your screen and your controller become misaligned, you can re-calibrate the controller at any time.

To select an item on the screen, move your controller so the white dot is positioned on the item you wish to select, and use your index finger to pull the trigger button on the bottom of the controller to select it.

Some content modules require a drag-and-drop action. You can move an object by pointing to it with your controller and holding down the trigger button to pick it up. While holding the trigger, drag the object to the desired location. Release the trigger button to drop the object.

Press the Back button to go back to a previous screen. The Back button feels flat compared to the indented Home button.

To scroll through a menu or move within a module scene, place your thumb in the center of the circular touchpad on the controller. Without lifting your thumb, slide the tip of your thumb to the front of the circular touchpad to move forward. Or slide the tip of your thumb back toward you to move back. The further forward or back you slide your thumb, the more quickly you will move. Be sure to keep your thumb in contact with the touchpad.

You can also rotate the scene by clicking on the right or left side of the touchpad with your thumb.

When wearing the headset, you can look down at your hand to view your virtual controller. You will see where your thumb is currently located on the touchpad, as well as the controller’s battery level.

The controller can be changed between right or left handed operation by choosing Apps and Settings from the menu, then selecting Controller.