You can create and apply labels to the content to keep it organized however you like.  Students can see these labels when they log in to their classes in a browser or in the VR headset.

Once you have added content to a class, you will see a Labels menu on the left.  

To create or assign a label, check the box next to one or more content items, or the box at the top of the list to select all visible content items, and then click on the label icon at the top.

Check the box next to a label to add it to all selected content items.  Uncheck a box to remove that label from all selected content items.  A dash in a box indicates that the label has already been added to some, but not all, of the selected content items.  

Click Apply to save the changes.  The changes will be available to students in the class immediately.  

You can also manage your labels by clicking the Manage Labels button at the bottom of the list.