Hardware and Software

Desktops and Laptops

Veative WebXR modules can be used on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks with just a keyboard, mouse or trackpad, and a web browser.  Most up-to-date web browsers are compatible, but Chrome version 79 or higher is recommended.  

Tablets and Mobile Devices

The modules may also be used with some Android or iOS mobile devices or tablets, if they are equipped with an external keyboard and trackpad or mouse.  


Veative WebXR modules provide an immersive, interactive experience on demand, without requiring any installation.  In order to provide that experience, the resources for the module must be downloaded to the computer.  Once the initial loading process is complete, however, the user can go through the whole module without any additional loading or interruption.  The downloaded content is stored in the browser's cache, so the same module can be played again without having to download the entire module.   

Module load times will vary significantly depending on available internet bandwidth, local network conditions, and the size of the particular module.  For example, in a classroom where 20 students are loading a module at the same time, the module may load much more slowly than if a single teacher were loading the same module in the same classroom.  

An average module will take around one minute to download at 25Mb/s, in ideal network conditions.