As a School Admin, you can import multiple users on the User Management page.  You can also create a single user

When users are imported, they will not receive an email invitation to activate their account.  The accounts will become active immediately.

1. In the upper right hand corner, click Add User > Import Users.

2. Click the Download CSV button for a sample CSV file.  

3.  Prepare your CSV file.  It is best to add your data to the sample file, as the field headers must match precisely for a successful import.  

4.  Click the Browse button and locate your CSV file, then click Next.

5.  You will see a preview of your data.  If all seems correct, click Import.

6.  If there were any errors when importing your data, you will have the option to download a CSV file containing the users which were not successfully imported.  You can correct the information in that file and then import those users.  

Check your data and make sure there aren't any special characters in the users' names.