Using My VR Lab, a teacher can multicast content to their students' VR headsets.  The whole class can experience the same content simultaneously, or groups can be configured and be given different content at the same time.  The teacher can also monitor what each student is seeing in their headset while they are exploring the content. 

The teacher can play, pause, and stop the content at any time. 

To do so, a teacher can follow these steps:

1. Ensure that every student has been connected to your class. 

2. You can either multicast a single module to the entire class or create different groups (by clicking on Add Group) to launch different content for a separate group. 

3. Click on the "+" sign to choose your content to be multicast. 

4. Before this, we have also instructed to import content in your class too in this article. Now you can choose a module from that content list to multicast to one group and repeat it for another group. 

5. Once you select the module, you will see these options for one group to play, pause, and stop the module. Also, "i" denotes information to see a preview video of the module.