Using My VR Lab, a teacher can multicast Veative modules and 360 videos to their students' VR headsets.  The whole class can experience the same content simultaneously, or groups can be configured and be given different content at the same time.  The teacher can also monitor what each student is seeing in their headset while they are exploring the content. 

The teacher can play, pause, and stop the content at any time. 

Start a VR Lab

From your teacher account at, choose a class, then select the My VR Lab tab.  You should see all of the students in the class listed.  

Have Students Join the Lab

Each student should sign in to My Classes on their headset, click Join Lab in the bottom menu and select Enter Lab for your class.

In your teacher account, you should see the students' status change to Connected and the dot turn green.

If a student isn't showing that they are connected, have the student exit and re-enter the lab in their headset.  

Select Content

Click on the green + button in the upper right corner to choose the content to play.  You can select any of the content that has been added to your class.  

Play Content

Once you select your content, you will see the options to play, pause, and stop the module.  You can also click on the "i" for more information about the content.


You can multicast a single module to the entire class or create different groups and play different content for each group.

Click the orange Add Group button underneath the students to create a new group.

Arrange students into the groups by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of a student's tile.  

Now you can select content to play for each group with the green + button as described above.