In each Class, you can find a variety of reports to analyze your students' scores in the module assessments.

To access the same, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to and login as a teacher
  2. Select your class.
  3. Select Reports to see the reports for a specific class. 

Types of Reports:

1. Module Wise Report:

This report type will give you a report based on each and every module. A teacher can easily identify how a student is performing for specific modules. 

  • Item Analysis Report: This will help to see how your students responded to each question in the module.

2. Class Wise Report:

  • Leaderboard: Students enrolled in the class, ordered by their average scores in all modules. Track the modules that students have mastered, are learning, and are struggling with. 

  • Activity: Number of modules students have completed within the last seven days. 

  • Most Challenging Modules: List of modules in which students are struggling, along with the average score of the class for that particular module. 

3. Student Wise Report:

A teacher can see a report for an individual student. By Clicking on the Score Report in front of the respective student name.