Note: Before you power on your first headset, make sure you have set up your school in the Veative Learn Platform.

If you have purchased a Veative EduPro headset, you should have received an email containing an Account PIN. 

Before you set up your headsets, you must make sure you have set up your school account and set up at least one student user, as you will need this to log into your headset.  If you haven't set up your school account, use this Quick Start Guide to do so before continuing.  

If you haven't received anything from Veative, please contact us by clicking New Support Ticket at the top of this page.  

With the PIN handy, power on the headset and wait for the Veative Master App to launch.  You will be prompted to enter the PIN, but first you must connect the headset to the internet via your WiFi network.  Click on the WiFi icon to the right.

Once you are connected to WiFi, enter the PIN number.  After a few seconds, you should be prompted to choose a license.  If you have multiple licenses available, use the arrows to move between licenses, and then click Add to assign the device to that license.

Your school’s account information will be synced with the headset, which can take a few minutes.  Once that is complete, you should see the login screen and the headset is ready to be used!