This guide will take you quickly through the basics of setting up your Veative teacher account.

You may have received an email from Veative inviting you to teach on your school's Veative platform.  If so, click Accept Invitation and sign in at  Your Veative School Account Admin should have set up a username and password for you.  

If you haven't been invited, you can also sign up for an account.  

When you first log in, you will see My Classes.

To add your first class, click Create Class on the right.  

Give the class a title, like Biology Period 1, and assign it to the current year.

Click on your new class, and you will see four tabs - Content, Students, My VR Lab, and Reports.

To add content to your class, click the Content tab, then Select Content on the right.  Select one or more content items, then scroll down and click Add to Class. Read more about adding content to a class.

To add students to your class, click the Students tab, then Add Students.  There are three ways to add students to your class:

  • Show Class Code - Displays a code which students can use to join your class. 
  • Choose Students - Choose from a list of available students already enrolled in your school.
  • Import from Google Classroom - Import students from your existing Google Classes.

Read more about adding students to a class.  

If you are using VR headsets, you can play content on the devices in your classroom under My VR Lab.

Under the last tab, you will find a variety of Reports, which provide all sorts of insight into your students' activity in the modules.  Read more about those reports here.