Reports for Teachers

Veative Web Platform provides a comprehensive reporting tool for teachers to view how students are performing in the VR content modules. The Reports and Analytics shows the reports for all the activities done by the number of students assigned to the teacher in terms of the scores achieved. Below are the steps to be followed to retrieve reports:

Step 1: After the teacher logs in, the dashboard will appear containing the panel of subjects assigned to the teacher.

Step 2: Once the teacher clicks on the subject, it will take the teacher to the panel having two sections: Content and Reports & Analytics. To access the reports of the activities of the assigned students, the teacher will have to click Reports & Analytics.

Step 3: After clicking, a whole page of reports in the sections of class, student and modules can be accessed by the teacher. It’s up to teacher’s discretion to choose and select the section-wise report in great detail as per the requirement.

Step 4: Clicking on student tab shows the list of students.

Step 5: The teacher can select any student to view student’s progress, average score, mastered modules and content proficiency as shown below:

Step 6: Under the Module tab, there is a list of modules from which the teacher can select any particular module to view the module-wise report, and analyze how students are performing in any of the particular module.

Step 7: You can see the average score, total number attempts, and grouping of students based on their performance in that particular module.

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  • 27-Mar-2019