Multicast your own content or third party content for teachers

Apart from using Veative’s ready-to-use VR content library, teachers have an option to multicast their own content or even the third party content from sources like YouTube.

To use this feature, teachers first need to log in to web platform and students have to join lab from the master app in their headsets.

Once students have joined lab, teachers can follow below step-by-step instructions to multicast their own content or third party content.

Step 1: Login on Veative Portal as mentioned in Personalized user profiles.

Step 2: Follow the steps mentioned in Personalized playlist for teachers on Veative Web Platform to create new playlist. Instead of only selecting Veative Module, the teacher can also enter My Library Section or Cloud library and can add Youtube, Video and Images, and multicast this content on to student headsets who have joined the lab.