Personalized playlist for teachers on Veative Web Platform

The Playlist feature on Veative Web Platform allows the teacher to create their own personalized playlists by aggregating Veative VR content modules, adding their own content and even curating videos from Youtube.

The Personalized playlists make it easier for the teacher to plan the VR sessions in advance. Below are the step-by-step instructions to create personalized playlists:


Step 1:The teacher will log in on Veative Web Platform (


Step 2:To see the existing playlists, the teacher will have to click “My Playlist” and then to create a new playlist, the teacher will require to click “Add Playlist”.


Step 3: When the teacher clicks “Add Playlist”, a window asking for the title of the playlist will be prompted.

Step 4: After the teacher enters the title, a panel of the playlists is prompted with the side panel containing Veative Module, My Library and Cloud Library tabs.

Step 5: Now, the teacher can simply add content from any of the three mentioned tabs into the playlist panel on the left and save the playlist by clicking "Save".