Join Lab feature for Students in Veative Master App

In subscription mode, once the student user has logged in to master app, the user can select Join Lab to connect to the lab set up by the teacher. Once the student users have joined the lab in master app, this enables the teacher to use the lab features such as multicasting content to all student headsets remotely.

In case the teacher is using lab features from Veative Web Platform then student headsets need to be connected to a valid internet connection via WiFi so that they can join the lab using Join Lab feature in master app. To join a lab, below steps should be followed:

Steps for the teacher to initiate the lab in an online mode:

  • Log in to web platform at using their credentials.
  • Select the subject and a relevant content module which you want to multicast to student headsets. Before multicasting, wait for students to join the lab from their headsets.

Steps for the student to join the lab:

Step 1: Once the teacher has logged in to the web platform, students can now join the lab. Simply login to master app on the headset and select the icon of “Join Lab”.

Step 2: After clicking “Join Lab”, the students will require to click online lab icon on top of the window.

Step 3: The students then select the teacher name whose lab they want to join.

Step 4: Once the teacher name is selected, the students are then connected to the lab. The students will need to wait until the teacher multicasts content on their headsets.