Student Login to Veative Master App

In case of subscription mode, each student user can log in to Veative Master App using their individual user login credentials.

Based on the school account settings, the student may log in to Veative Master App via three options:

  • Username and password
    If the School Admin has set up all student user profiles with usernames then students can log in to Veative Master App using the respective username and password, and get the access of content of their particular grade and subject.

  • Login with your name with password
    Sometimes school students find it hard to remember usernames, so Veative Web Platform also provides an option to log in with name. If this option is enabled on the web platform, the master app shows an option to students to log in with their names, which allows students to select their name from their respective grade and enter their respective password to log in, eliminating the need to enter the username.


  • Login with your name without password
    This feature, if enabled on web platform, enables the school to have an open system which allows student users to simply select their name and login to master app without the need of entering the password.

  • Library Mode or Club Mode Login
    In case of Library or Club mode, the student user can simply enter into Veative Master App without the need of any login credentials. No personalized user profiles are provided in Library or Club mode.