Assigning User Role and Permission

The User Role and Permission feature enables the School Admin to restrict students to use only certain features within the master app.

For example, the School Admin may restrict some students to avoid using Join Lab or Self Study feature in specific circumstances.

To assign user role and permission, the School Admin should follow below steps:

Step 1: The School Admin logs in to Veative Web Platform.

Step 2: To create user profiles, the School Admin will have to go to User Management and then click Add User and Invite, at the upper right corner of the page.

Step 3: After clicking, an Add User window will be prompted asking the details to be filled under different sections. The School Admin then fills the required details and assign year, section, curriculum and subject to the user. The Admin can also set access rights for each user. The access rights to certain app features can be assigned under the Permission drop-down box. The Admin can select which feature has to be given access and which should not, from the drop-down list. To save the changes done, the Admin will have to click “Save”.

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  • 01-Apr-2019