Assigning User Enrollment

The School Admin can log in to Veative Web Platform and enroll students and teachers in specific grades and subjects. This ensures that each user access only relevant content and data, based on the grade/subject the user is enrolled in.

A section can also be assigned to a user in case the School Admin wants to further group the users within a specific grade.

Below are the steps involved to assign a user to a specific grade and subject.

Step 1: The School Admin logs in to school account by entering the login credentials.

Step 2: On the home screen, under User Management, an account of user profiles can be seen by the School Admin. Here the Admin can see the list of users added through Invite or Import User, with their username and user type.

Step 3: To enrol a user or a group of users in specific grade, year, section, curriculum and subjects, the Admin can select the user(s) from the list and click “Add Enrollment” on the right upper corner.

Step 4: Now under "Enrol User", the Admin can assign grade, year, section, curriculum and subjects from the drop down boxes and save the changes by clicking “Save”.