Student Account Set-up

When the Student is registered in VEATIVE and activation email is send which needs to be accepted and then the Student is able to login into the application.The categorization of teachers is done as per the grades/subjects assigned to them. The students associated with teachers depends on the subjects linked with them.


The user can manage his profile through this screen. The user can change his name/profile image/password.

Navigation : Login > User Profile


The dashboard shows the progress report of student.


The subject screen shows the list of all the subjects assigned to the user which comes under the standard assign to the school.

Subject List

When the user selects any subject from the dashboard then it navigates and the user can select whether to  get the list of all the contents within the particular subject and can see the Full and Preview video for the same.

The second tab includes the Reports which shows the overall and individual reports of the students assigned to the teacher.

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  • 13-Apr-2018