Teacher App

For the ‘Teacher’ app the user just needs to install it and login with the valid credentials.

If the user, accessing the app is a Teacher then he/she has the rights to show the contents to the users under different grades.The teacher can check out all the activities done by the students under ‘Activity Tracker’. The activities can be checked in terms of graph under Reports and Analytics screen. 
Login : The teacher account is created by the school admin. The school admin has all the rights to create users and assign the roles. Once the teacher is created then a email is triggered to the teacher informing about the user role.Then the teacher login into the application with the provided credentials. 


Setup Lab : The teacher can create a lab where multiple students can join at a time to attend the session. The teacher plays a virtual content for student’s learning. Students can join the lab anytime when they reach the session.
This virtual representation helps in better understanding of the content.
For setting up a lab the teacher and student needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Once, the session started then only teacher have the control to play/pause/stop the session. The students can only act as a learner. 


Activity : The Activity screen shows the list of activities done by the students over the different modules. The teacher can view the activity list of each student by selecting one. The activities shows the response of a student on the question i.e. the question belongs to which level, what answer is given, the date answer is given on which modules. Teacher can apply the filters to sort out the listing as per the need.

The activity list can be sorted by the module name as well.


Reports and Analytics : The Reports shows the progress of students in percentage. It consist of a user list with the score achieved by each student. The teacher can view the Average class score, Average student score and Individual student score.


Change Language : The languages appear in the language section are the ones assigned to the organization. There are more languages supported by the app such as English-US , English-UK, Chinese, Arabic, French.

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  • 13-Apr-2018