The concept of coach arises to have a person behind every student who will act as a guardian. The coach can view the Reports and Activities of students for whom he/she is assigned. 
The school admin can only add coach for the students. Their can be multiple coaches for a single student and with different roles. A single coach can be added to multiple students. 
The coach can be added from the user listing by clicking the action point and selection Add Coach. Then admin needs to fill in the email, name and type for the coach and save the details.

When a coach is added to a student, an invitation email is sent for the acceptance to the email id provided. Once the individual accepts the invitation, he/she is redirected to their account where a coach can view all the students for whom he/she is added as coach.

When the coach clicks on any of the user then a list of courses subscribed to the user is shown.

The next tab shows the personal details of the student i.e. Username, Gender, Phone and Address.

The third tab has the school information with whom the student is associated. The school info consists of :

  • School Name

  • Address

  • Contact

  • Domain

  • Standard


The student report comprises of header which shows the Progress , Average score and Modules attempted by it. These are the overall scores of student within the modules of a subject. 

  • The Progress shows the overall progress of student for a subject till date.

  • The Average score  shows the overall score of all the modules attempted by the user.

  • The Modules Attempted shows the overall modules attempted by the user till date.

  • The Assessment Accuracy shows the overall attempts made by the user to give an appropriate answer for the given question. There are only 4 attempts and each bar contains the count of attempts by the user.

  • The Domain Proficiency  is a radar chart which shows the categorisation of question within the modules and calculation is done on the basis of modules played by the user. The different categories include :

    i. Create
    ii. Analyze
    iii. Evaluate
    iv. Remember
    v. Apply
    vi. Understand


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  • 13-Apr-2018