Each school that signs up with Veative is given an exclusive School account set-up for them, which enables the school with an admin account which then enables the school admin to register student and teacher accounts.


This option is used to Add users within the school account so that they can get access to VEATIVE content. When the admin clicks on the Add user button there are two options displayed :

  • Invite

  • Import User


Under this option all the user related information is filled in and then the invitation is send to the user.


There is one another option to add users within the school by Importing the user records. For, importing the records the user needs to filled in the user details into a .csv file in a specific format acceptable in VEATIVE. Once the file is imported all the records gets displayed in the user list.

This method is ideal for school who want to enroll bulk student data rather than adding each student seperately.

Note - Email ID is only mandatory in case of enrolling in a teacher in the Veative Database, for students the same field is optional.


The school account keeps a track of all the devices that have been registered through it, imparting the extra layer of security in ensuring that the licenses purchased by the school aren’t being mis-used.

This section contains the list of all the devices used during the sessions for viewing the content. The list contains Device Model, Serial Number, Device ID, MAC Address, Created On, Action.

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  • 13-Apr-2018