Specifications of the Veative EduPro VR Headset

The Veative EduPro VR headset is the world’s first XR1 chip-enabled mobile VR device designed specifically for educational use. Unique features of the EduPro VR headset include:

  • Headset comes preloaded with Veative’s VR content library, removing the hassle of loading and unloading modules manually.
  • The operating system (OS) is designed specifically for educational use, meaning that all traces of social media and nuisance applications have been removed.
  • Includes a massive 128GB of internal storage, ensuring there is ample space for our library, teacher curated content, and possible student-created VR modules.
  • Built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) features.
  • Other features include an SD card slot for further expansion and a headset touchpad, in case the controller is lost (designed for real-world situations!).

Specifications of Veative EduPro VR headset is as follows:

Display: 2.5K Fast-LCD HD screen
Lens: Customized Fresnel lens
Battery: 4000mAh
Headphone: Audio Jack 3.5 mm
USB: Micro USB
ROM: 128 GB
OS: Android 8.1
3 DoF Bluetooth Controller
Surround Sound System
SD Card slot, for storage expansion
Return & volume control
Heat radiation & protection
Comfortable, T-shaped soft headband
One tap TouchPad on the headset