Multicast content feature for teachers

Multicast feature of Veative VR Solution provides a powerful classroom management tool which enables the teacher to multicast content on the headsets of the students remotely from the web platform.

To use this feature, teachers first need to log in to web platform and students have to Join Lab from the master app in their headsets. See Join Lab feature for Students in Veative Master App to learn how to Join Lab from master app.

Once students have joined the lab, teachers can follow below step-by-step instructions to use multicast feature:

Step 1: The teacher logs in to Veative Web Platform.

Step 2: After clicking “My Playlist”, the teacher will see a listing of existing playlists. If the teacher wants to create new playlist, visit Personalized playlist for teachers on Veative Web Platform.

Step 3: Click on any of the selected playlist or create a new playlist.

Step 4: Select any module in the playlist and click on it.

Step 5: After clicking, you will see three tabs: Preview, Multicast and Monitor. To begin Multicast session of the selected module, click “Multicast”. This will launch the selected content module on all student headsets who have joined the lab.