Personalized user profiles

Once the school account is created, the School Admin should receive an email informing about the school account creation and the required login credentials for Veative Web Platform.

Three types of personalized user profiles can be set up on Veative Web Platform:

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Coach

Student and Teacher Profile Creation:

For creating user profiles, the School Admin will have to log in to Veative Web Platform and follow the below steps:

To create User Profile, Veative has given two options to the School Admin:
  1. Invite
  2. Import User
  1. Invite:
    To invite user, you will have to click Add User and select Invite. An Add User form will then open, where you will have to enter the required information for individual students. For each student, one Add User form has to be filled with the required details. The entered details are saved by clicking Save.

  2. Import User:
    If the School Admin wants to create multiple user profiles, the above process of creating users can be time consuming. By Import User option, the School Admin can use “Download sample” for a CSV file, and enter all the students and teachers details in it. For assigning user role, the Admin will have to enter 1 for Student and 2 for Teacher. After all the entries are made in the CSV file, the School Admin will have to select the same file by clicking “Browse” and then submit it in Veative portal by clicking Submit.

After submitting, the Admin can see the listing of students and teachers under User Management tab.

Coach Profile Creation:

A Coach profile can be given to a parent/guardian/tutor of a student. The Coach can access reports for assigned student(s).

To assign the Coach role, the Admin will select the students whose Coach are to assigned and then click Action. In the action list, the Admin will have to select Add Coach.

After clicking Add Coach, the Admin will see the following window asking the email, name and type of coach. These details are saved by clicking “Save”.

Once you upload all the details of users, admin can define their role as Student or Teacher.