Curriculum & Subscription assigned to School Account

Curriculum assigned to School Account

Veative VR STEM content modules are already aligned to different curriculums.

At the time of setting up a school account, a particular curriculum is associated with the school account which makes it easier for students and teachers to navigate the Veative VR content structured in respective grades and subjects as per the curriculum standards.

Subscription assigned to School Account

Depending on the type of subscription taken by a school, the school will be able to access specific features of the Veative VR solution. The subscription may include the following features:

  • Type of content subscription
    Subscription mode, library mode or club mode which define whether school can make personalized user profiles or not. To learn more about this, please visit Modes of Content Subscriptions.
  • User Profiles and Device Limit
    Depending on the content subscription, the school may create a certain number of user profiles and use certain limit of VR devices to access Veative VR content library.
  • Account Validity
    Depending on the subscription of the school, the account may have an expiration date before which renewal has to be done to keep the account active.