Overview of Veative Master App & Web Platform

Veative Master App

To navigate and play the content modules on Virtual Reality headset, user will be requiring Veative Master App to be first downloaded and installed in the headset.

Veative Master App works like a container that holds all the content modules to enable the user to easily navigate and play different content modules. Without the Veative Master App, you cannot open the content modules on the headset.

Veative Web Platform

Veative Web Platform is a cloud based portal where all the school account configuration is done and personalized user profiles are created. There is a direct connection between the Veative Web Platform and the Master App which allows syncing of user profiles, analytics and other configuration settings between Veative Web Platform and Master App.

The sync feature ensures that Veative Master App can run completely offline after syncing is done for the first time and cloud database is downloaded locally on master app. The syncing can be done regularly to update local master app database in case there are any changes done on web platform.