Using Veative VR content in Self-directed learning mode

Veative VR solution is best used in self-directed learning mode where students can access Veative VR content on their own using Self Study feature within the master app and learn at their own pace. The on-screen text and audio ensure that the student is guided throughout the VR experience.

The Self Study feature allows the student to access the VR module library in offline mode wherein the student learns from the already installed VR modules in the device. This feature works best for the students as well as the teachers when the devices are not connected to the local network.

Under Self Study, the student will get to select the subject of choice followed by the list of modules that come under that particular subject. The student then begins learning on the VR platform by launching the content module.

The teacher doesn't have any control of the student activity when they are attempting the same in Self Study mode. However, the teacher can get the details of the activities performed by the student which are assigned to that particular teacher.

To learn more about Self Study feature of Veative Master App, please visit Self Study feature for students in Veative Master App