Connectivity Requirements to play Veative VR content library

One of the unique features of Veative VR solution is that you don’t always need internet connectivity to use the Veative VR content library.

Below IP addresses and port whitelisting may be required to ensure there are no challenges in using the advanced features of web platform such as multicast and monitor features.

IP Addresses:

  • Ports: 3000, 3001

Ports Whitelisting:

Internet Connectivity Requirement:

Once the configuration of school account and user profiles are set up on web platform, internet connectivity on headsets is required only for the first time to activate the master app. Once activated, you don’t need any internet connectivity to play VR content in Self Study mode in master app.

However under the Join Lab mode, you require your headsets to be connected to the same network as your teacher, or to a valid internet connection, when the teacher initiates a lab session using multicast and monitoring classroom.