Device requirements to play Veative VR content library

  • Veative VR Content library can be played on most of the mobile VR devices. Below is the list of supported devices:
  • Veative EduPro VR

    Veative EduPro VR headset is specifically designed for use of Veative VR content library. The entire library comes pre-loaded in EduPro headset making it super easy to get started.

  • Google Cardboard + Veative Controller

    Google Cardboard is one of the most widely used and affordable mobile VR devices. Since, all VR content modules are interactive, so Veative has designed its proprietary controller that works with Google Cardboard phones making it possible to use Veative interactive content modules even on Google Cardboard. Please contact Veative Sales team to know more.

    Other mobile VR  devices supported are:

    • Oculus Go
    • Pico Goblin
    • Daydream
    • Samsung Gear VR