Loading language packs for Veative VR content library

All the VR modules in Veative content library are in English (US) by default. If you wish to view the modules in other localized languages, you will have to install language packs containing the list of following languages:

Language Pack Format : [module-identifier]-[language-culture]





English - US

English (US)


English - International

English (UK)



Simplified Chinese (China)






French (France)








Español (España)

Spanish (Spain)


Português (Portugal)

Portuguese (Portugal)






Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)

[module-identifier] = Topic Code

The language packs can be uploaded in two ways:

Uploading language pack on the fly

If you want to see one of your chosen module in a different language, you can do so by uploading that language pack on your device. Below are the steps to be followed to upload a language pack:

Step 1: The first screen of the Veative Master App will ask you to choose language. You can select the language in which you want to see the module.

Step 2: For example, if you choose Chinese from the list and click “Next”, you will see the upcoming screens in Chinese. You will see the first agreement page in Chinese and then will need to select “Accept”.

Step 3: You will now see the dashboard in Chinese. You may click any of the dashboard options: Join Lab, Self Study, Settings and My Results.

Step 4: If you click “Self Study”, you will see the panel of subjects from which you can select any one of the subjects.

Step 5: After you click a subject, you will see the list of modules in that subject.

Step 6: From the list, you can select any module with its description and the options of Install and Preview.

Step 7: You can have a short review of the module by clicking ‘Preview’ and also have the module installed in your device by clicking Install.

Step 8: After clicking “Install”, you will see a window asking you to download the language file for the module, from the server. Make sure you have a valid internet connection for this task.

Step 9: You can then click “Download”, which will show you the downloading progress of the language file.

Step 10: After the language file is downloaded, the default language of the module is changed into your selected choice of language. Now you can view the entire module in the changed language.

Uploading language pack from Veative App Manager

You can use Veative App Manager, if you want to collectively transfer language packs in a number of devices at one time. Below are the stepwise instructions to be followed for uploading language pack on Veative App Manager:

Step 1: Open Veative App Manager and click “Transfer Language Data”.

Step 2: After clicking, you will be taken to the page of Device Selection where you can select the devices in which you want to install the new language data pack. On the right corner drop down box, you can select the language pack to be installed in the selected number of devices.

Step 3: When you choose the language pack, you will have to browse the asset bundle for the same language. Make sure there is no space in the folder path otherwise it will show an error.

Step 4: Now that you have chosen the language pack and browsed its asset bundle, you can select the APKs available in the device in which the language pack is to be installed.

Step 5: After selecting the APKs, click “Transfer”. With this step, and on a single click, the selected APKs get the new language data pack.

Step 6: On the click of “Transfer”, language data transfer begins in the selected devices. You can then view the progress of the data transfer in the selected devices.

Step 7: The device summary gives the list of successfully installed APKs in the device along with the APKs showing errors during installation.