How can I access my Report and Analytics ?

When the student is registered in Veative, an activation email is to be sent which needs to be accepted. Then the Student is able to login into the application.The categorization of teachers is done as per the grades/subjects assigned to them. The students associated with the teachers depend on the subjects linked with the students.

The dashboard in the student account shows the progress report of student.


The Reports and Analytics shows the reports for all the activities done by the student in terms of score achieved. The activity can be answering MCQs , quiz etc.

Click on the link below to open the student activity:

Navigation : Login > Activity Statement > Reports & Analytics


User can manage the details to be shown on the listing by allowing the fields to be displayed on the list. User can export the record list in CSV, PDF, and Excel. The user can also filter the records.

Manage List


The student profile comprises of header which shows the Progress, Average score, and Modules attempted under the profile. These are the overall scores of the student within the modules of a subject.

  • The Progress shows the overall progress of a student for a subject till date.

  • The Average score  shows the overall score of all the modules attempted by the user.

  • The Modules Attempted shows the overall modules attempted by the user till date.

  • View Details shows the list of modules under categories Struggling , Mastered, and Learning.

  • The Assessment Accuracy shows the overall attempts made by the user to give an appropriate answer for the given question. There are only four attempts and each bar contains the count of attempts by the user.

  • The Domain Proficiency is a radar chart which shows the categorization of question within the modules and calculation is done on the basis of modules played by the user. The different categories include :
    i. Create
    ii. Analyze
    iii. Evaluate
    iv. Remember
    v. Apply
    vi. Understand

Content Tab

Assessment Tab

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